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This week’s episode is a special one because we’re having our new co-host, Aziz Yousuf.

Today, we interview Alex Mandaro; a multifamily real estate investor focused on leading others to freedom to positively impact our world. He has been working diligently to build knowledge and experience in multifamily real estate investing.

Alex’s strengths include multifamily underwriting and finding creative solutions to problems. He’s passionate about financial freedom, leading, and working with people. Let’s dive into his journey, and how age doesn’t matter to take control of your future! “Educate and teach people that as long as their intentions are good, money will be helpful to them and helpful to making the world a better place or whatever their mission is.” – Alex Mandaro

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Alex Mandaro Resources Mentioned: Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investment – Michael Blank To connect with Alex Mandaro follow him on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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