Have you ever considered buying a business instead of starting a new one?

Believe it or not, you can have great benefits by obtaining an existing business. In this episode, we have a deep conversation with Jeff Evenson in regard to acquisition entrepreneurship and the distinction between start-ups and businesses that are already running and generating cash.

Jeff has been a multiple business owner since 2008 and has successfully launched, purchased, and scaled several multi-million-dollar companies. He’s also experienced virtually every good and bad element of business, including start-up, rapid expansion, purchase, sale, and franchise. Today, Jeff invests in or buys companies, to scale them up and retain them with all exit options considered in the process.

Let’s jump into how to buy a business!

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If you have any questions Reach him at jeffrey.n.evenson@gmail.com or (314) 221-0305. Head to The Lions Pride where they help small business owners accelerate their businesses, optimize their lives, and get a better understanding of themselves

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“You wanna be visionary and help people understand they are part of something bigger than themselves” – Jeff Evenson

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