How do you build wealth by getting rid of bad debt?

Welcome to Screw The Stock Market! Today’s guest shares with us a super flexible and interesting new tool that will help investors strategize to get their properties debt-free as soon as possible without impacting their cash flow.

For more than 35 years, Chip Emely has been helping individuals, small businesses and organizations maximize technology to enhance their productivity and marketing. Now, he uses technology to help reduce debt as quickly as possible without restricting expenses. His mission is to help individuals and business owners who feel burdened and stressed by debt pay off that debt as fast as possible by using a software program and coaching so they can start building wealth.

Tune in and discover how Chip came up with a magical algorithm that will help you become debt-free!

Start your journey to a life free from debt by reaching out to Chip or 410-371-1351

Chip’s software beats debt snowball and debt avalanche every time

“The software is very similar to debt snowball but it will turbocharge it, and still gives you that motivating factor.” – Chip Emely

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