FAQ 2: What’s the minimum investment amount?

This will vary deal to deal, but to-date we’ve used $50,000 as our minimum investment amount. In this video I explain how and why we choose our minimums.

Are there Maximum Investments?

As for maximum investments, we usually cap our maximum at the amount needed to close the deal. However, if a big investor needed to place a large amount of money beyond the size of any specific deal, we could certainly help place it given our large network of operators and brokers.

What’s the Optimal amount for me to invest?

As for the optimal amount, we would have to say that it varies for each investor. Based on your financial position and investment objectives, you might consider investing more heavily in one type of deal than another. For example some deals are more “cash flow” plays while others are more “value-add” strategy.

In the end we want to emphasize that these are NOT liquid investments. If you need your money back 6 months after investing, it’ll not be available because it’s in the building. Make sure that you’re not investing money that you’ll need anytime soon.

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