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Kingstowne Advisor’s founder Kwasi Robotham and Operation’s Director Jim Roessner work on multifamily offices that specialize in wealth preservation and growth, with a focus on CPA services, asset protection, legal services, financial advice, and insurance. Their goal: how can they help folks save for their future and their money.

Kwesi and Jim are from Ghana and Philadelphia, respectively, and both have backgrounds in engineering and management consulting. Kingstowne Advisors started after Kwasi realized that he didn’t want to compromise his money on risky investments during the 2008 financial crisis, looking for an alternative to secure the future of his family. Now, their focus is helping wealthy individuals to everyday folks to increase their wealth and secure their financial future as Kwasi once did.

Join us to hear the great advice, experiences, and stories that Jim and Kwasi have to share with us!

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