There are obstacles and hindrances to amassing wealth, but even if you don’t have a wealthy background and rich connections, you can still do all of this stuff; it just takes a lot of hustling and networking. Networking is really what it all comes down to. It’s doable, and it’s just about believing it and then taking action to get yourself there. So just a little reminder: Mindset is so important Recap of this Episode

Clint Coon is an attorney and is a very avid successful real estate investor as well, so he presents a deep insider view on how to invest and how to protect your assets, and more importantly, how to keep making more money using the knowledge that he’s gained from both sectors. This episode is a good one because he drew into perspective that a lot of times when you go to attorneys, they don’t normally have the perspective of a real estate investor. So there are little tidbits, tips, and strategies they don’t think of that could make you and save you so much more money on the back end.

They’ll do the basics to protect you, but it doesn’t maximize what you can get out of that relationship compared to someone who’s an attorney, an investor, and has gone through the process. It’s an eye-opening episode!

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