This episode with Cody Davis is awesome. It is great, very actionable, and direct. Cody talks about his journey and his steps, which resonates well with basically what the Screw the Stock Market Podcast does. To sum it up in something more succinct, he essentially talks about how he went from being a broke college student and a recent college graduate to owning a resort and $5 million in real estate.

Cody had $3,000 saved up, a mix of working as a gymnastics coach but stopped when he got into real estate. He graduated high school in 2018, jumped straight into Tacoma Community College, and didn’t want a bunch of student loans or any debts. He got his real estate license shortly and posted on a Facebook real estate group that he was looking for a mentor. Someone invited him to the real estate brokerage; all he needed was a license. After nine months of trying, he got his first seller finance through an old gymnastics buddy. Fast forward three years, he had bought his first 12 plex, and today he has 108 rental units in a resort without a bank loan.

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