Today on the show, we have a special guest, Pranay Parikh, an accomplished passive investor. Pranay has had a remarkable track record in acquiring a significant amount of assets quickly. We are eager to hear about his journey in the industry and learn more about his strategies. Join us as we dive into the world of passive investing with Pranay.

Pranay, born and raised in California as the child of immigrant parents, feels he won the lottery by being born where he was. His father, who he visited often, came from a small town in India with limited resources. But through education, he became an engineer and worked in Silicon Valley, which ultimately changed the trajectory of his life. After becoming a hospitalist and completing his residency, Pranay realized that traditional retirement plans like a 401k would not allow him the freedom and flexibility to practice medicine the way he wanted.

This led him to explore real estate and eventually passive real estate investing through syndications.

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