In today’s episode, Alex and Aziz engaged with Jason Wright, the CEO of Intentionally Inspirational. Jason’s company creates simplified sales funnels for real estate investors looking to raise capital. He shared valuable insights on how modern technology and the internet are used to automate the capital-raising process, making it more efficient and effective for investors.

Jason discussed how his unique approach to sales funnels generates repeat funding for real estate projects, making it easier for investors to finance multiple projects. Overall, it was a fascinating conversation that provided valuable information for anyone interested in the real estate industry and how technology changes how capital is raised.

Jason met Alex through a shared network as a potential service provider for their business. He was impressed and believes the audience will find the episode valuable for those considering entrepreneurial ventures and starting or growing a business. Jason discusses the importance of sales funnels, focusing on the backend and automation to save time and avoid errors.

A key takeaway from the conversation is the importance of working backward from the end goal to build the process. Jason emphasizes this point multiple times during the conversation.

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