Today on the show, Alex and Aziz have a special guest, Purdeep Sangha. In this broad episode, they discuss a range of topics from business, mindset, success, and even personal and family life. The focus is on the alpha male consciousness and mindset in business, but Purdeep’s interpretation is holistic, not douchie.

He delves into the mindset struggles and stress points men face in business, especially entrepreneurs and company owners. The episode is a well-done conversation on the struggles of being a man in modern times, focusing on male psychology. And for the ladies, don’t worry; there are some points where Purdeep talks about what women should do in a relationship. So even if you’re a woman, you can still gain valuable insights from this episode.

Everyone has to deal with men at some point, so this episode has something for everyone. It’s important to note that the messaging is not misogynistic.

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