Today, Alex and Aziz have guest Eric Francom on the show. He’s investing in alternative assets, including venture capital and private equity. He gets in on the ground floor of seed round fundings for businesses and corporations, like Google before it was Google. Despite not all companies becoming mega unicorns, they still become profitable. Eric started as a dentist and used his income and practice sales to achieve greater success. This conversation is great for medical professionals looking to improve their finances and careers.

Eric started as a dentist, owning and selling three practices to private equity groups. He increased his net worth and passive income four times over and now invests in commercial real estate, private equity, and VC funds. He teaches others to achieve financial freedom through his private coaching and mastermind platform, He believes private equity and venture capital are the ideal portfolios, with a 30% allocation, and brings top-quartile deal flow to his group.

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