Today is another time-out episode where Aziz and Alex discuss a recent news headline about a soccer player who hid his net worth from his wife. The response to this story has been divided among men and women, with some seeing it as an intelligent move and others as unfair. Aziz and Alex delve into gaming the system and the motivations behind the soccer player’s actions. While they don’t condone the behavior, exploring how people try to avoid taxes and protect their assets is interesting.

It’s interesting to understand the idea of knowing the system to maximize benefits and minimize liabilities. Anderson Business Advisors is an example of a team that helps people structure their business in a way advantageous for taxes and protection against liabilities. Alex also highlights the importance of seeking expert advice in managing assets, as it’s unlikely for a 19-year-old to know to funnel millions of dollars outside the country. He is also amazed by the net worth of over $70 million and the earnings of a few hundred thousand dollars a month of the person being discussed. He thinks it’s ridiculous that the person’s wife might have to pay him half of her money.

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